Photon can connect through firewall but not argon

Hi, I’m a professor at UNC CHARLOTTE.
We use photons in my instrumentation class. We previously used photons and had the firewall opened up to handle them on our unsecured Wifi. I have to use unsecured WiFi as it is our only choice for our basement classroom. I’ve tried to connect an argon but am getting this flash pattern and no connection. Is there another port to open or setup needed to make this work?

The Argon uses CoAP UDP port 5684 while the Photons used CoAP TCP 5683

BTW, I get this when I click your link


They are asking what urls/ips are being contacted over those ports. Can you help me with what they are?

There is an ever changing set of IP addresses that might be targeted but @rickkas7 can provide more input on that.

@rickkas7 I also need the target url for port 5683, is this documented somewhere?

Never mind, found it here