Paricle API JS-Change User Account Password?

I found particle.createUser function but I could not particle.updateUserPassword or something similar in the document. Can some one point out to me how to update the user password through Particle JS api?


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Let me ping one of my colleagues that might be able to help with this. @rickkas7, is this something that needs to be done through a support ticket?


@KyleG and @rickkas7, I appreciate very much if one of you can point me to the right direction. I am in need of this API urgently. Thanks.

@zachary, I created this thread 4 days ago. So far I got no answer.

Is there a particle.changeUserPassword or something similar? I can see we can create user but we cannot change user password through the api? I looked in the document but can’t find one.

Sorry, I don’t know the answer. I was going to try to find out but haven’t had a chance to do so. Are you interested in changing the password for a developer account or simple auth product user account?

@rickkas7, I am interested in changing user account password through the api so that my users can update/change password. I can do particle.createUser now. Similarly I want to do particle.updateUser or particle.changeUserPassword

Not for developer account.


Hi Friends!

We’re in the process of documenting these endpoints, but you can update your customer’s passwords by sending a PUT to the following URL:

PUT /v1/products/productIdOrSlug/customers/customerEmail
with the param ‘password’

I hope that helps,


@Dave, I don’t have organization account. Thus I have not created product id. I am still in development stage.

That made it seem like you had created a product, so try to be a bit more clear next time.
Would this work for you?


Not sure if I’m getting the wrong end of the stick, but this API isn’t working for me. I’ve tried it out with my developer account, and yes it works (it’s a zoho email account). But when I try it, pretending to be a user, it doesn’t work (outlook account). I created the customer (who uses outlook) and claimed a few devices to it. I’m testing bringing up a product. Bizarrely though, I’ve started receiving emails to the ‘user’ outlook email account!?

I have commented out the client id and secret in my code, so the default values are being used. What am I doing wrong? The function I’m calling has been amended slightly from that above:

	 * Send reset password email for a Particle Cloud user account
	 * @param  {Object} options Options for this API call
	 * @param  {String} options.username Email of the user
	 * @return {Promise}
	resetPassword({ username, context }) {
		return'/v1/user/password-reset', { username }, undefined, context);