Particle-API-JS - Create Customer


I noticed that the docs for Creating a customer (as well as many other functions) are incomplete -, and the source doesn’t indicate how to create a customer without a password, as outlined here - . Does anyone have a code sample which illustrates how to do this with the Particle JS API? Also looking for information which describes what the context argument is. I"m assuming this is the request context?



Setting no_password appears to be missing from particle-api-js. While you would never want to do this from client-side Javascript because it requires a full access secret key to be present in client-side browser code (not recommended), it is still useful for node.js.

I don’t have a timeline for when this could be added, so it would be best to just directly make the API call. You can just do that one API call directly.

This example is for a different API, but it shows how you can use Axios in node.js to make a direct API call in an app that otherwise uses particle-api-js.

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thanks @rickkas7!!!