Particle JS Node Module Questions

I am trying to use the particle node module ( and when I try to create a customer for a product with something like this:

var Particle = require('particle-api-js');
var particleClient = new Particle({
    clientSecret: 'MY SECRET',
    clientId: 'MY CLIENT ID'

particleClient.createCustomer({ email: SOMEEMAIL, password: SOMEPASSWORD, product: PRODUCT SLUG})

When I go with that approach I never see the Customer in my customers tab of my Particle Console but I do get an access token back from the call. Also, I am trying to do two-legged auth which means I need to create shadow customers using the noPassword option and not pass a password but the module does not support this at all.

Am I missing something glaring? I’m a bit lost with this as I can’t create a simple customer for my Product. I have already created a two legged Oauth client in the Auth tab of my Product and am initializing the particle client above using that client id and secret.

Looks like the npm module is very lean and doesn’t do much stuff. Also found out customers only show in the product when they have a device as well.

Customers don’t show up until you claim a device with that customer. They’re in a state of limbo where you can’t create that customer ID again, but you can’t see it either.