Customer login endpoint in the CloudAPI

Does anyone know the cloud API endpoint for logging in a customer?

I can see 3 option for creating a customer, but not one for logging them in.

IIRC, your customers wouldn’t actually log in but rather request an access token and use that.

Ah gotcha.

Thanks for that. :slight_smile:

Wait, so there is no way to authenticate my customers ? :confused:

This thread may contain some useful infos for your issue at hand :wink:

Well shit…

Have you actually read the thread and not only the first few posts?
While things may have gotten a bit more “complicated” it’s still not a no-go.

From what I understand, I now need to create a user management system in my backend.

At this point, the only thing I get from the particle cloud is the claim code.

hey @rakshak ,
not everything is lost, like @ScruffR mentioned.
You do not need to create a user management system in your backend. You can, if you wanted to, but you do not NEED to.

There is a login endpoint, at least exposed in the Particle API JS here.

What was discussed in the other thread was the deprecation of the reset password endpoint.
And for overcoming that issue, Particle created some guidelines here.


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Hey @gusgonnet, thanks for the clarification.

Do you know what the URL for the login endpoint.

For example, if I want to create a new customer I would hit

like it is documented here

What is the URL for user logins ?