Customer password reset

Working on creating an interactive web page portal where a customer can reset their password and found the following:

After opening the index file I get the following message: Sorry, it doesn’t look like you arrived here from a password reset email.

The read me file in the above link, says to just host the file. It does not mention to modify the reset-password.js file. However within that file look at line 15:

var url = "";

Am I to create my own API? Or use any of my Client Authentication ( information I created.

My goal is to have one website (using AngularJs) a customer goes to to login, connect to wifi and reset a password for their account. And since I am novice to everything IoT and will do a small pliot test with 30 users, I will only use one legged auth. After the website/AngularJs application is complete use Ionic so I have a hybrid mobile application.

Any suggestions? Solutions?