Reset password not working?

When using the iOS setup lib, pressing ‘forgot password’ and ‘reset password’ says that an email with a reset password link is send to the email associated with the account. This email never arrives.

Additionally, when I simply go to the particle website with a browser, and tell it to reset my password - the same thing happens; a message on the screen an email is underway but it never arrives.

Nothing in the inbox, nothing in spam, nada. The user name (email) is valid and working (I haven’t forgotten the password, I am just testing this functionality before any customer needs this).

Is this function not working?

In general, it is working. It’s possible that there is a configuration problem with your Particle account that is preventing the email from going out. The best way to resolve this is to submit a support ticket and we can check that and provide the reset password link.

These are the generic help instructions, which probably won’t help your situation, but may help someone who finds this post through search:

I prefer to reset passwords through

If you are automatically logged in and do not know your password, select the Settings (gear) icon in the lower left of the window and then select the Log Out button.

Then, in the log in screen, you can use the Forgot Password link.

Note that the password reset emails will come from, not from the regular so they may end up in your spam/junkmail folder.

If you open the reset password link and get an empty page, you likely have corrupted saved session information. A few ways to solve this include:

  • Opening the reset password link from the email in an Incognito or private browsing window, which doesn’t used the saved session cookie.

  • Clearing the cookies and saved local data in your browser.

  • Opening the link in a browser other than the one you normally use.

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@rickkas7: I realize you provided “generic help instructions” but I hope you saw that I noted that the reset function from an iOS device with particle’s setup SDK is not working. Quite a bit different.

Right. but you also said that it didn’t work from the web site. That might mean a configuration problem with the account, which I can only fix with the email address.

But you are directing me to which is for a developer account - this is a (simulated) customer going through the iOS app.

There very well could be a bug where a newly created simple auth customer can’t reset their password under certain circumstances, but there’s no way of knowing until I can look up the account in the the couple of systems that are used in password reset emails.

OK, created a ticket

It looks like the account was not created as there was no user in the database with that email.

Note that the response from reset password is exactly the same for when the account exists and when it doesn’t on purpose. Otherwise, you could find out if someone had a Particle account by attempting to reset their password and noting different responses.

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That is strange, I have had a unit running and associated with the email I listed.

In that case, email me the device ID I can look up what account it’s associated with.

Hi @rickkas7, I’m having the same issue- I never received the “forgot password” email. It’s not in my spam folder, so I filed a support ticket (#58953). Hoping to be able to log in soon. Anything else I should do? Thanks!

There was a problem with reset password emails not going out. It has been resolved.

@rickkas7 Did this ever get resolved? I am still not getting emails

Hey @joost The issues seen from the time of these post should be resolved. We are working with a new provider now.

If you’d like, feel free to DM me your email and I can look into what might be going wrong.

@joost Hey, I wanted to check if your issue was resolved or not by either @rickkas7 or @mstanley.

Just let me know!


@kmmonk I send a dm to @mstanley but havent heard anything yet…

No problem. I’ll ping him to see if he got that or not!

Hey Kevin,

Thanks for reaching out. I just happened to be looking into it.

I sent you a PM with more information regarding this issue.

As a general note, even if an email is not found in our system, a notification will still be sent that a reset email has been sent successfully. This is done in an effort to prevent people from probing emails by attempting password reset on emails that aren’t theirs.

I was able to work with engineering to look into this one a bit further, and it’s a rather interesting circumstance.

So there were a few things that lead to some miscommunication and confusion on the end on both ends. I’m going to be filing an internal request to try and remedy this situation in the future.

In short: The account that was not receiving the password reset email does exist in our system, but not as a Particle user. Instead, it was a Simple Auth user. Simple Auth users don’t have conventional Particle account access (no console access, no password reset email functionality).

In the console, the account owned a few devices, but there was no indication that the account was anything other than a Particle user account.

Simple Auth accounts should be able to have their passwords updated using the Password Reset API endpoint.

Hi Matthew, thanks for looking into this.

I know what a simple auth user is, but perhaps not what a “particle user” is - some (smallish) explanation would be helpful. Anyway, I am using the particle-setup-SDK which, upon startup, presents the login screen with “forgot password” link. How am I to interpret this capability? Simple auth users shouldn’t have this so I must remove this link? Additionally, the console (in settings) seems to allow me to create a redirect to our own email server - should I use that? Any instructions for that?