Cannot link photon

Hi there, I have just started using the particle photon and am enjoying it thoroughly however about a week ago I could not log into my account, I proceeded to try and reset my password however it just kept returning the message user credentials not valid I have made a new account but my photon is still linked to my old account meaning i cant forget it to link to my new account. Any help would be much appreciated!
cheers Sam

Several things:

  • Password reset emails will come from, not from the regular so they may end up in your spam/junkmail folder.
  • The response for resetting an invalid account email is exactly the same as a valid one, on purpose, so you can’t find out if someone has an account by trying to do a reset password on their email.
  • Certain account problems can prevent password resets from going out so you should submit a support ticket.

Or you can just claim your device again from or the Particle CLI. It should offer to request a transfer and you can just log into your old email account and click in the link in the email to transfer.

And finally:

You should be able to force claiming of a Photon using the mobile apps for iOS or Android.

Hold down the SETUP button until the status LED blinks dark blue (listening mode).

Log into the mobile app. If this is the first device, setup will start immediately, otherwise use the + button in the upper right corner of the device list to add a new device.

The apps will warn you that the device has already been claimed, but should allow you to proceed with claiming immediately.

Exception: If the Photon was part of a product creator product, you must log into, find the device, and select Unclaim Device from there instead. This is for security reasons so product creator Photon/P1s cannot be converted into developer devices.

Note that while you can claim devices using the CLI (Command Line Interface), or, you can’t take a device from an existing user. These methods will email the original owner instead. The reason is that these methods can be invoked over the Internet, whereas the mobile app requires being able to press the SETUP button and be within Wi-Fi range of the Photon.

If this technique does not work, please include the device ID of the Photon, which can be found using any of these techniques in your support ticket.

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Thankyou for your reply!! I will give these a go when I get home and report back