Pairing with photon the Photon app way

Hey guys,


Question is:
How does the photon pair to your smartphone?
I’ve read it could create a temporary AP and I read something about bluetooth too.
I’m confused.
Thanks for your answers!

From my understanding of the core which I believe applies to the Photon also :

  1. Your smartphone is connected to the internet
  2. Your smartphone transmits messages to the core while the core is in listening mode
  3. You can send the Wi-Fi password to the core from your phone, but your phone must be connected to the internet to validate and setup your core connection to the Particle cloud

Note : The core does not have bluetooth hardware so there is no bluetooth communications.
Your phone does not “pair” with the core it merely has access to your account details with which cores are in your account.

  • If you use the Particle moible app, the mobile phone will join the Wifi AP exposed by the Photon.
  • There is no bluetooth and only wifi.

Thank you guys but how does the phone and the photon actually pair? I mean what does the photon send to be seen and how does the smartphone sees it, then connects to it etc.
I mean technical terms.
Also, about the app @kennethlimcp , that’s exactly how the app works that I’m interested in :smile:
Given what you said, it means my phone should have WIFI turned on and then it’s just a matter of scanning wifi netwworks and connecting to the photon’s AP?
If so, then why do people say “connected to the internet” oO

There’s some notes about how it is done but i cannot locate it for now.

You need internet to communicate with the :cloud: and obtain a claim code so that the Photon can be added your :spark: account

So that’d be:
connect to the internet and claim photon
join photon’s AP and transmits your own wifi’s credentials
then everyone is on you own wifi

am I right?