P2 Sample Claimed By Another Organization

Bring up a sample P2 device. Using setup.particle.io updated os ti 5.3.1 connected to Wi-Fi and cloud successfully. Device appears normal in all respects.
Received a cannot claim device because is is claimed by another organization.
Manually adding device to product using the console gets the same response.

Other issue is that products created during the setup.particle.io or directly from the console cannot be deleted. Get the message that I am not the product owner. There are no devices in the products.

Worked this issue through sales first without success.

Hi- Can you please DM me the device ID?

Is this you ?

Received tonight ?

Kind of old fashion but talking to customers is ok

Here’s your link to log in at Particle.

If you did not request this link, you can safely ignore this email.

Click the following link to log in:

That was not me- looks like it was an automated response. Always happy to talk to customers!

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