Internet Button WiFi Setup / Cloud connecting

I can't seem to add a device, either through the web or toolset.

PS C:\Users\Dennis> particle identify
Your device id is 400032000447343337373739
PS C:\Users\Dennis> particle device add
Please specify a device id
PS C:\Users\Dennis> particle device add 400032000447343337373739
Claiming device 400032000447343337373739
Failed to claim device, server said { ok: false, errors: [ 'device does not exist' ] }

Any help greatly appreciated. I have already did a particle update and updated to latest firmware via usb serial.


In order to claim via the CLI using particle device add the device needs to be online and connected to the cloud (breathing cyan).

It appears to be blinking cyan for 5-10 seconds, then spastic green/red? Can’t tell as the green/red blinking is very fast.

I took a look at our logs and the device is having problems handshaking. You should try putting the device into DFU mode and then running particle keys doctor.

That was the trick, I had to install openssl for windows, play with annoying environment paths to find it, and did particle keys doctor.

Thank you very much!

Quick question is there a way a user can see the logs for future issues or is this mostly backend stuff on your end?

Thanks again.

That's back-end stuff. It's hardly ever necessary though, so in the unlikely case you might ever need it, you can ask it over here.