P1 Devices not Pinging, Signalling despite being online


my P1 devices are online, but I cannot flash over command line anymore.

They also don’t respond to Ping or Signal from the console.

But the console says the device is online.

I did revert back to an older firmware, but it does the same error

Here’s what doesn’t work:

  • Ping
  • Signal
  • Flashing from the command line
  • fetching variables

Here’s what does work

  • Status LED is breathing Magenta
  • I can lock to an older firmware inside the console. It will flash when the device resets
  • Device health check says its all good:

Does someone know what’s wrong here?


Same problem with 3 photon no ping answer and Signal to device. With Argon it work can Ping and run Signal to device.

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I have been wrecking my brain as well.
Multiple Photons online, web ide wont Signal the devices.
Something must be going on with Particle servers.
Publish works, Subscribes and Functions dont.
Odd behavior…
Added 2 new Photons to the arsenal, put them in Safe Mode, wont show in the ide and unable to flash OTA

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Has someone gotten in cotact with Particle? This is so frustrating…

I’m sure they’ll fix it. Can’t be a big issue.

Particle is aware as shown on status.particle.io

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So far back to normal.

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Hi everyone,

I can confirm the issue looks to be resolved, our TCP/Photon servers were restarted and devices are behaving normally.
We will continue to monitor the situation.


Same problem again right now!

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yup. same boat for me, and it looks like they just bounced the TCP service. this happens over and over, for months now, and it’s getting really old. it’s a huge disruption for our customers.

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Same here, we are evaluating a beta for our costumers- seems like we are going in an other direction rather than Particle. The response time is too long, and it doesn’t seem to get 100% resolved.

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Thanks for letting us know about the issue earlier.
The team is actively investigating the cause.
Keep an eye on status.particle.io for updates.

@polystyrene, yes, unfortunately the TCP service had to be restarted.

thanks for confirming. i noticed all our devices came back online fairly quickly at least, which is an improvement. the last few times it took hours for many stragglers to reconnect at all.

I’m glad to hear that. There have been quite a few improvements made to the device service, with devices resuming their sessions almost immediately. The improvements were part of the reason so many restarts happened in the last few months.
Overall reliability should be going up.

Glad to hear it’s up again. This was the third time this week a huge number of devices went “offline” for us. Can you offer any more specifics why this is happening?

In my opinion you should already have a monitoring solution for this kind of problem. We should not have to ping you in the forums. Yesterday it took almost 2 hours before is shows up on the status-page. I subscribed for text notifications since the delay on RSS was almost 30 min and did not even receive a text when it was resolved.
what can we expect in the coming days?


This problems seems to be back now.

Please see status.particle.io for updates, our database is currently offline.

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Hi folks.

Closing the loop here. Our team has published a post-mortem following this incident. You may find this here at https://blog.particle.io/platform-cloud-incident-postmortem/

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