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I’m building an iOS Application for a product. To create a user, I need an orgslug, which must send to particle. My Question: Where can I find this Organisation Slug ?

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I am also looking for the answer to this. I have signed up for a prototype account, and have a product but not an organization. Can any dev please answer this?


Have you seen this thread? Ido, who’s the lead mobile engineer, mentions to:
You need to set your orgSlug and productSlug to the correct URL path components.
“My organisation slug” is not a valid slug - login to the dashboard and check your organization and product URL slug components and plug it in the source code, that should fix those errors.

If that doesn’t work he recommends making a support ticket and one of the tech support guys will help you.


Heya @Lcstyle,

Good question! The organization endpoints were a throwback to how we used to represent things behind the scenes. There should be product equivalent endpoints for anything you need to do.

A bunch of new documentation was just added that might help, check that out here:


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