Particle API (List Products API Call)


I am trying to send a curl command to Particle API in order to obtain a list of products for my given account. I am able to send the request, but do not obtain any products (see below).


Response (PHP):

Array ( [products] => Array ( ) )

This is because all of our products moved to our organization. How do I grab all the products under a given organization. I read through the documentation at and found no organization to be apart of the GET request. I also looked under generating an access token to determine if I need a specific access token for the organization, but am not seeing any mention of it. Is there any documentation on this? I saw old post (couple years) of organizations being apart of the API GET request, but found that this is also depreciated? Is this the case?


The post I am referring to stating that the organizations slugs are no longer in use is found here:

I am currently working around this issue by listing all devices associated to my account by using:
GET /v1/devices

then running through each device and creating a set of products, thus giving me a unique list of products for all my devices (which is going to be 500+ by the end of the month). I find that this is very inefficient and wondering if there is a more preferred way of obtaining products under an organization that is not depreciated.

Side Question on Particle API:
Is there any way to set a product data limit (setting all SIMs in a given product to the same data limit without going through each individual device, similar to set data limit on the sim card page under a given product, see below)

After opening a ticket with Particle, I uncovered the following information from Marek and thought to share since its been an open problem on the forums as far as I can tell with no solutions:

Using GET /v1/user/products will just reveal user-space Products. In order to see org products, you have to use GET /v1/orgs/:slug/products - of course, you must be an Org member. This org slug is not depreciated and a request has been made to update the Cloud API Docs in the upcoming weeks :slight_smile:

Answer to side question
I think the best workflow to instantiate Product Data Limit would be to script a:
a) request GET /v1/products/:productID/sims that parses "_id" in the response
b) batch PUT /v1/products/:productID/sims/:_id the "_id" from above with the mb_limit argument of your choice (link).

There might be a future request to create a new feature to bulk update SIM data limit, but its not guaranteed.

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