How do I get my :orgSlug and :productSlug?

For example, in the following POST /v1/orgs/:orgSlug/products/:productSlug/device_claims, what is :orgSlug and :productSlug? How do I obtain them?

In the Cloud API docs they show an alternate POST url:


That’s odd, it shows the POST url differently here.

This endpoint is POST /v1/orgs/:orgSlug/products/:productSlug/device_claims. The customer’s access token is required, and is used to generate a claim code that will allow for the link between the device and the customer.

This is the correct API to use:

Replace :productIdOrSlug with your product id number, which is next to the key icon in the top of the console. There’s a picture of it here.

The endpoints with a separate :orgSlug are the old, deprecated API for organizations.

@rickkas7 Hey. I’ve been repeatedly banging my head into a wall all afternoon trying to figure out what was going on with my curl commands. I followed your link. You captured it perfectly in about 2 hundred words and 4 screen shots (so about 4200 words). I’ve read the docs, reference and the API, but your explanation was the only one that clarified how the tokens worked. So, seriously, well done. And thanks!