not found

I’m trying to add customer to my product.

  1. I created the customer

  2. Get it token

  3. And I try to get claim code for it.

For it I use following API point and it construction:

but in answer I get:

{"ok":false,"error":"Not Found"}

How I can do it in the right way?

Maybe have a run of this command to list your products:

From the data returns, you will find a number of items of interest including:

  • id
  • product_id
  • name
  • slug

In your example, you are providing the value “beerlogger-v01” for the parameter known as “productIdOrSlug”. Can we compare that value vs the product record returned through a list? I have a suspicion that you are not mapping the correct value and may be using name or or some other parameter. Try the “product_id” or “slug” values from the retrieved record.