Device setup isssues!

I have been breaking my head over curl and the js api to setup the product

So far

  1. I created the product in the console.
  2. Added simple authentication with full scope permission.
  3. Added device id to devices.
  4. Made an webapp using the js api that can claim and i can now see the owners email address under the owner column of the Devices section.
  5. But my customers section remain empty. I am having some difficulty understanding how to add the customer in the console.
  6. I can also not see any publish events from the device. Neither in the customer account nor in the main account. I have tried using curl to add customer
curl -k -X POST -u exampleapp-xxxx-1132:7xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -d\
email="" -d password="password"

The above gives me an error
0{“ok”:false,“error”:“Product not found.”}