Official Support for Particle on 3rd party platforms

I received a response on a post over at Adafruit that they do not “officially” support Particle’s devices on their IOT Dashboard. Also with another somewhat popular platform, My Devices Cayenne, is the same. I saw on several other too but cannot recall now which ones. It seems to me that there are quite a number that do not have any official support for Particle and I have no idea why? Particle’s devices are great! A great company with great products and a great ecosystem. Grrrr… such is life! :wink:

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The odd thing is that Particle’s new Mesh boards are based on Adafruit’s Feather layout. Hopefully there will be official support in the near future.

What do you mean by Support? That it works but if you get stuck your on your own or it just doesn’t work on that platform?

We currently have Particles connected to Particle Cloud -> Node-Red with Particle Plug in -> Thingsboard and have great success. Granted we are hosting our own servers from the Node - Red layer, but Particle have got in the pipeline a Node-Red hosting solution with OOTB integration with Particle Cloud and Thingsboard do have a commercial offering of thier thingsboard.

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What i mean is that when you go to some other platform and ask, “what boards does your stuff work on?”’, or if they give you an option to “select your board”, Particle’ s boards are not on the list.

Sometimes you can get it to work with some fidgeting of libraries, drivers, etc. Sometimes you can’t. There seems to be a lot of support for Arduino boards, raspberry Pi, NodeMCU, ESP based boards…

In Adafruits case with their platform they have libraries and examples for different boards and when I asked about Particle I was told, “We don’t officially support them”. Maybe that is still a work in progress? I was directed to post my questions here instead.

@TimGTech I have used Boron and Argon with good luck on Ubidots.

I can confirm HTTP and TCP work with the above two devices and they are working on getting UDP figured out this week.

Although Boron and Argon devices are not listed to select on Ubidots, if you search their library in Particle it will show up (current version 3.0.4) and they following article can help get you going.


Thanks for the info! I have heard of Ubidots but never really checked them out. I will now.

Thank again!