Particle Argon + Arduino IDE Setup - Lacking documentation


I have the particle Argon board and have found some user claiming to be using it with the Arduino IDE.
Even the Particle documentation is mentioning it:
Particle Arduino Compatability

What is not mention is I actually set up the board with the Arduino IDE.
What “additional boards manager URL” should I use to find the correct board?
Which board should I pick in boards manager?

Relative code compatibility does not mean that the Arduino IDE can build Particle code.
Don't confuse/conflate Arduino API with Arudino IDE :wink:


Because it's not supported.


Hey there and welcome to the community.

As @ScruffR mentioned, the Arduino IDE is (Un)fortunately not supported. Have you tried either the Web IDE or Particle Workbench (the desktop IDE)?

What’s the reason you’d prefer the Arduino IDE?

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Thanks for your quick responses.
The reason I want to use the Arduino IDE, is because we are working on a makerspace product that mainly consists of Arduino/Adafruit-Feather MCUs. If the same IDE could be used, the SW samples, and setup would be the same across the products.

If I want to use the Arduino core API, will that have a similar level of matureness as expected from the Arduino/Feather families? Or is it more of a hack?

Many thanks.

AFAIK there are extensions for VS Code to support both Particle and Arduino :wink:
For Particle it’s the Particle Workbench and for Arduino it’s (rather fancyless) Arduino.