Particle Argon + Arduino IDE Setup - Lacking documentation



I have the particle Argon board and have found some user claiming to be using it with the Arduino IDE.
Even the Particle documentation is mentioning it:
Particle Arduino Compatability

What is not mention is I actually set up the board with the Arduino IDE.
What “additional boards manager URL” should I use to find the correct board?
Which board should I pick in boards manager?


Relative code compatibility does not mean that the Arduino IDE can build Particle code.
Don’t confuse/conflate Arduino API with Arudino IDE :wink:


Because it’s not supported.


Hey there and welcome to the community.

As @ScruffR mentioned, the Arduino IDE is (Un)fortunately not supported. Have you tried either the Web IDE or Particle Workbench (the desktop IDE)?

What’s the reason you’d prefer the Arduino IDE?



Thanks for your quick responses.
The reason I want to use the Arduino IDE, is because we are working on a makerspace product that mainly consists of Arduino/Adafruit-Feather MCUs. If the same IDE could be used, the SW samples, and setup would be the same across the products.

If I want to use the Arduino core API, will that have a similar level of matureness as expected from the Arduino/Feather families? Or is it more of a hack?

Many thanks.


AFAIK there are extensions for VS Code to support both Particle and Arduino :wink:
For Particle it’s the Particle Workbench and for Arduino it’s (rather fancyless) Arduino.