Programming Particle Photon with Arduino IDE


I just bought Photon and am wondering if we can actually program Photon with Arduino IDE?


Searching never hurt anyone…

Long story short; no, it’s currently not possible to use the arduino IDE. Any reason you’d want to?

This was a sensible question, and I don’t see a sensible answer to it.
I don’t think anyone appreciated your reply “searching never hurt anyone”: doesn’t seem very nice comment.

Arduino IDE is the main platform for Arduino applications:" it supports dozens of boards.
Why not the Photon?

You can buy a great ESP8266 board with Wifi and STM32 for much less, and it IS supported by Arduino IDE.

I googled, and found:


Though I can understand not everyone might like that answer as much as they’d like the spoon-fed one, it’s sometimes necessary to direct folks to the search tools, rather than answer the same question over, and over, again. The latter benefits no-one. The question had been asked before, and answered before. Even the forum rules indicate that you should make an effort to find an answer before asking. The forum software itself recommends similar topics when trying to create one.

As to the actual question…

The simplest answer would be that the Particle is not an Arduino, though it’s similar.
A different, but equally valid answer, would be that adding the Arduino IDE would mean yet another tool to create/maintain/update/support, compromising other features/resources.
The Arduino IDE is also rather limited in what in can do. The Web IDE, DEV, CLI, or a local toolchain are a bit more flexible in that regard.

In regard to the Reddit post…
I personally find it looking more like a ESP advertisement than it is an honest review of the Photon since I can’t testify to any of the ‘issues’ the OP mentioned. It’s also ~2 years old. Not sure what point you were trying to make by linking to it though?