Photon development in different IDE (Eclipse, IAR)

Hi, I have just received my 4 Photons and I am extremely impressed by them.

I’d like to use their capabilities to the fullest potential however the IDE that Particle provides just doesn’t cut it for rapid development.
I am wondering if it is possible to program the Photon using a st-link programmer and different offline IDE’s than the default Particle cloud IDE.

I just feel more at home with C/C++ and have a handful of ARM programming experience.


@Sleziak, search the forum and you will find tutorials for setting up different environments. Search for Eclipse or netbeans to start with. :smiley:

Have a look over here, that should get you started easily:

Perfect, thank you all for your help

I managed to get IAR up and running with the Photon, I was not aware that the firmware was open-sourced, it was the final piece of the puzzle

Best wishes


@Sleziak would you be willing to share the IAR project/workspace with sample app? I’ve been hoping to do the same, just got IAR formal training - but still new compared to you with IAR - so could really use the jumpstart.