Best Way to create a Library

I am planning to have a few libraries designed for Photon.
Arduino times I was using ATmel Studio (Visual Studio) with Arduino plugin. That is really cool and easy C++ implementation that was lacking on Arduino IDE.
As a moderate programmer I am more confortable with that approach.

I am trying to develop a library for photon… but still not cler how to do it.

I downloaded a complete package of Netbeans etc… but I think that is more for core code compilation, right? Is there a user code only setup for this?


Are you looking for guidance on writing a custom library for Photon or wanting integrate Photon development into Visual Studio?

I personally use Particle Dev which is the GitHub Atom editor and the Particle extensions do keyword mapping, syntax, etc but you still compile in so you don’t have to maintain a compiler locally.

I used netbeans when I wrote some libraries for a custom shield I built a while ago. I couldn’t have done it without it. The way auto-complete works is excellent and takes a lot of the hard work out of programming.

One tip - brainstorm for a day, get a good flow chart of how you want the library/program to flow then start to write the code. Pen and paper works best for this.

I am used to write OO code, so my issue is not really the coding but the toolset…

I also like Netbeans. Used it for JAVA and some C++ programming a while ago…