Demo project, architecture and usable with common DEV IDEs like Keil, Code Warrior, Eclipse, Visual Studio

Hi all,

i like the HW of the Photon. It’s great.

But what i don’t like is the true development IDE. Wheter the CLOUD nor the cli Interface.


Real Debugging on the Device. I’m not sure, how a developer will ensure to have proper working code, if there is no possibilty to debug it real on the code.

All this cloud IDE stuff is fun for some starters, but i miss the real embedded stuff. (Stack / Heap control, pheripheral debugging, advanced realtime processing with RTOS using some Advanced debuggers like Lauterbach or Segger JLink.

At the moment i miss a demo project for the big common IDEs.

We have big libraries for STM32

Also to have this scattered Makefiles is not very easy to understand.



That depends on your focus. This might be true for your intended use of the system, but not all projects need to go down to bare metal - even non-starters.

But true, for more hardcore projects we could do with some real world applications too.
Contributions welcome :wink:

So true - we can only printf-debug, not fun, costs a lot of time and quite a few issues are hard/impossible to capture.

There is a hardware based debugger using SWD or JTAG, but it requires the local toolchain. Some folks have even made that work with Eclipse.

So it is there if you really need it, but just like a lot of other low-level debugging tools, you need to compile on your local computer.


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