Potential Solution Stack

Can someone clarify something for me?

  • Out of the box, I set up a new photon by connecting it to the cloud (particle.io’s cloud) where it updated firmware.
  • I used the web.ide - also connected to particle.io to upload a blink sketch to my photon.

If someone wanted to, could they bypass connectivity to particle.io by using:

  • cli for photon programming
  • spark server web server code (for device/app logging

I ask this because different vendors all have different “web ide stacks” - particle - punchthrough - arm and mbed… and it looks like arduino will do the same thing… and I’m wondering if it’s valid to get tired of a “yet another web ide”.

Am I correct to have these thoughts? Am I off base? Thanks for any insight!


@dgdosen, you are correct in saying that many vendors are going to web-based IDE. One great thing with the Particle platform is that you can chose how YOU want to develop - web IDE, CLI or SparkDEV and building locally. CLI and SparkDEV still leverage the Particle cloud server compile farm. So you develop “locally” but compile in the cloud. For “true” non-cloud compiling you need to create a local toolchain.

You can leverage the cloud API and tools like the Particle Dashboard for the rest. The local server offered by Particle can be run locally but is a small subset of the Particle Cloud service you get for free.

Hope that answers you questions! :smile: