Particle Dev with local cloud


I develop code for Photons connected to our local cloud. I was used to this workflow:

  1. open Particle Dev, login to my Particle account on Particle cloud
  2. write code in Particle Dev
  3. compile code in Particle Dev (this returns binary and save in project directory)
  4. switch to command line to Particle CLI (configured for our local cloud)
  5. flash the binary compiled in 3. to Photon connected to our local cloud

However, Dev changed behaviour and is apparently reading the config from CLI. It displays Photons connected to our local cloud, but doesnt want to compile code against Particle cloud. This makes development almost impossible with constant switching of configs in CLI…

Am I missing something? How to configure Dev to connect to Particle Cloud only?

Thank you!

Hi Dalibor,

you’re correct, after recent update Particle Dev is also using ~/.particle config directory sharing it with the CLI.

I created a ticket that should help with your workflow but until it’s implemented I would suggest using older version of Particle Dev that still uses ~/.spark config directory.

perfect, thank you! I am now switching configs before and after flashing FW from/to Particle and local cloud… some overhead, but works. I will follow the ticket…

Once implemented, will Particle Dev allow me to flash firmware directly to my devices on local cloud? Compile in Particle cloud but flash over cloud set in config? That would be so good!


Yes, you would be able to change profile just for compilation, leaving all other call going to the default profile.