Objbase.h no such file or directory

So I was trying to compile in Particle dev but when I tried it gave me this. Thank you for your help.

First you need to have your project files in a dedicated folder that does not contain any other files.
Then you need to open this folder (Menu - File - Open Folder …) and not the project file.
Then you need to have all your changes commited (Menu - File - Save All) before you build (no blue dots on the file tabs - as in your screenshot)
And to properly build you also need to have a device selected (Menu - Particle - Select device …).

Hi thank you for your help, I followed your advice and was able to compile but after the first compile, no matter how much I click the compile or flash button, it won’t run

Is your Photon breathing cyan before you press flash and does it ever turn magenta?

You can also try putting your device into Safe Mode and then flash it.

Have you got an idea what system version you’ve got on your device?

when I flash it, it flashes green then cyan then breathing cyan. I tried to put it in safe mode but then it just reset the wifi configure. The version I have right now is the newest one. I can still use the web IDE so I will probably use it from now on. Thank you so much for your time.

Safe Mode should not reset the WiFi credentials!
How did you try to get into Safe Mode, what colors did you see?

When flashing, you should see a short magenta between breathing cyan and flashing green - was this not there?