"Not allowed" when trying to add a Xenon to a mesh via CLI


I’m having trouble with adding a Xenon to meshes via CLI. It’s been a while and I’m just getting back to it now, so I don’t quite remember what exactly were my reasons for removing it and adding it to different meshes, but after I did something, it has been consistently giving me “Not allowed” response when I try to add it to a new mesh.

It has deviceOS 0.9.0 and I have tried re-flashing the device (including with tinker), performing firmware and factory resets; I also probably have tried to remove and add new keys to the cloud. None fixed the problem. I wasn’t able to find anything on forum or in the reference related to this topic. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

We’re having this same “Not allowed” problem, only with 1.4.4. @rickkas7, any insight into what this means?


I was able to find a workaround by deleting the mesh (named test) and recreating it (with another name). Then joining worked.

Got 4 new xenons - deleting my mesh and recreating it would be a huge pita… so what to do if thats not an option? If I use android, it keeps telling me I’m trying too connect to the wrong mesh, if I use my ipad… well that doesn’t work for other reasons…

the hammer is sounding tempting all things considered…

tried on 2 mesh networks now - same result

Have you considered using CLI as the topic title suggests?
Is your gateway online while adding the new devices?
Which device are you using as assisting device?

Sorry - I assumed that was implied, I meant that I had also tried it on android and on my ipad. In order, Android, ipad, cli, cli, android, cli, ipad, head bang, cli, sleep. :stuck_out_tongue:

To add on - I have 2 argons with different mesh networks, one I haven’t touched in a long time, so I went to see if maybe I could add one or all to the other network… similar results except that the cli does not seem to like that argon at all, it won’t give me device info (device id, etc.), but it shows up in the web console just fine and I can use the ide to flash/update etc. Whats bonkers about that one, is despite not being able to do get the info off of it, I can flash it via cli… I tried flashing the firmware/device os/bootloader etc. as well as tinker etc. etc., all of which worked fine on their own, but still no device info (which I am able to pull from the argon on the first mesh when I hook it up)

My understanding was that it should let me join xenons to the mesh via another device on the mesh, but that doesn’t seem to be the case based on other posts - both mesh networks I set up when everything was sitting on my desk so I hadn’t tried till now… though its the same errors when done through the mobile apps - ‘wrong mesh’ (which I can 100% confirm is NOT the case)

What other info can I give to help trouble shoot? (I also removed and re-installed the particle cli - including the bits that linger in appdata etc., and re-installed the drivers)

Still having this issue - I haven’t tried the CLI again, not sure if anything’s changed since last I tried this… got the 4 xenons and the argon all sitting next to each other blinking blue but I at least on the android app, I continually get an error about the wrong mesh. I’ll give the cli a go again, but I’m not expecting much.

Same with the CLI. It behaves like I’m feeding it the wrong network password - only evident by intentionally typing the wrong password.

What other info can I add here that might help?

Only two (the new and one of the "old" devices) should be blinking blue.

For the mobile app setup you need some devices breathing cyan for a new device to discover the mesh network.

Have you considered that you have the wrong password?

I swear on everything that it makes sense to swear on that I tried all my passwords and didn’t get anywhere previously. The only thing thats different now (aside from having them all on the desk in front of me) is having both the argon (assisting device) and a known good and connected xenon…

I did still get an error, but the xenon had gone magenta - I suspect it was updating the firmware. I gave it a few minutes and it started pulsing the expected cyan. The device showed up in my list as “custom device” or something that I had to rename.

Still not quite as smooth as intended I suspect, but I’ll take it. Very finicky they are. Still wouldn’t have discontinued them though… but thats another conversation.

Thanks @ScruffR!

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