No LED activity in Tracker One

My department has been using a Tracker One to test cellular signal strength in rural communities.

Recently the Tracker One has been returned to our office but no longer works. There is no LED light activity, even after charging the device with multiple USB-C cords for hours at a time.

When I plug the Tracker One into a computer via the USB-C cable, the LED lights still do not turn on, and the computer does not recognize any new devices or inputs. As such, I cannot access any software or UI-based interventions.

What could be the issue? What are possible fixes? I would prefer to try several manual fixes before replacing the device, due to both the monetary and time costs involved for my department.

That is an unusual problem. The next possibility is to open the device, disconnect the battery and any external power, and let it completely power down. Unfortunately this may affect the IP67 seal, and if the device is still under warranty, the warranty. If you do open it, be careful lifting the lid because the NFC antenna is glued to the top cover and you could damage the U.FL connect if you yank it off.