Tracker One unresponsive after shipping mode. Dead device?

Hi everyone!

This is my first time posting on here. I have been developing for and testing out a Tracker One to put in my car, which was recently stolen (and recovered). This morning, I put it in shipping mode to bring it to where my car is parked. I wired the M8 cable into the car, with 12v on red, Ground on black, and a negative trigger for the door switches on white.

I plugged the tracker into the car, the status light flashed a few random looking colors, and then the device became totally unresponsive. The only thing that does work is the charging LED.

I have tried putting it into DFU mode with the buttons and over USB, but I cannot get any response from it. I have also unplugged the battery and all other power and plugged it back in again. Nothing seems to make any difference, and I do not have a JTAG programmer, so I’m feeling out of options.

On the face of it, it seems like plugging it into the car killed it, but I’m not sure how. The white trigger always measures less than one volt, and 12 volts is well within the input power range for the Tracker.

Does anyone have any ideas? I would very much appreciate it!


Thanks for logging the support ticket. I am working on this and will update you via the ticket.

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