No Cores Found (On iPhone 5 and Nexus 5)

Hi Friends,

I just received my core with chip antenna. I had problem registering it via the app (on both devices - iPhone5 and Nexus5).

I managed to connect it via the usb and registered it. Now I can upload my sketches from the site and control it with the Terminal on my macbook.

BUT, still I can not connect to the spark with the app and both machines send “No Cores Found” error…

I have a 2.4ghz wifi. with password and pretty ordinary.

I checked all the previous post but I did not find any answer.

Hope some good sole could help me fix this problem.

Thank and Great work,

sorry for my bad english…

When you use the Web IDE, did you see the cores listed under the cores tab?

If they are avaliable, you should also see them under the mobile app. Be sure to reflash the tinker firmware if you want to try toggling the I/O pins! :wink: