No access for Teammember on device


i´ve invited a new team member into one of our products.
He accepted and can access each device via console.
But he is not allowed to ping, call cloud functions. He can only read the published data from the device.
He also got the message “Bummer! Your role does not allow you to perform this action”.

Is that account somehow restricted in product access?
What cloud be the issue here?


Could be one of these new features: Important Product Releases — Team Access Controls, Workbench, and Device OS Updates

Yes i also thought About that,
but that feature is not activated in our case. There are no Access options. I can only invite and remove Team members:

Can I ask - have the devices been claimed by the new team member or not?

Is this a product on a paid plan or a free band? I think this only works with a paid plan!

The devices have no owner right now.
They are automatically registered in the product via the api.

We have two other products with the same registration process and the same team members.
There it works somehow. In these products the same user has access to all functions.

We are using the price model “2,99 $ per device/month” and max 250 devices

It is not a good idea to have devices unclaimed. Other than that maybe you need to raise a support ticket?