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Our team leverages Particle devices, particularly the Boron and Argon, for meeting client needs. At our current stage, we fully embrace the Particle ecosystem, including the use of Product management features built into the API.

We are running into a specific issue when attempting to manage devices from a team level. Here are some details:

  • All of our devices are registered with one of our employees email accounts

  • We have created products within the Particle Console for each of our clients/projects.

  • We have added team members to product teams

  • We have setup Particle functions in our product codebases for control of our devices from the mobile app or Particle Console through events/messages.

  • We need our team members and technicians to be able to use these functions to control our devices in the field.

The problem: when we access the console or mobile app from team emails (not the employee’s who the devices are registered to) we don’t have any visibility to devices, codebase, products, or other tools associated with our products.

I think that providing our organization with Organization access (not the Sandbox access we currently have) would satisfy this need. If there is another solution outside of sharing our administrative account with technicians, could you let me know?

Thank you!!!

In terms of source code access, organizations will not help. There is no support for organization level source code access in the Web IDE, and we do not recommend using it for products. Instead, we recommend using Particle Workbench (Visual Studio Code) with a source code control system such as Github.

As long as the device has been added to a product, it should be visible within the product to all team members. The important difference is that it’s not at the top level in Devices when team members log in, but within Products, the product the device is in, and the Devices tab within the product.

You need to add each team member to each product for sandbox products.

One advantage of a growth organization is that an organization team member by default has access to all products. It’s still possible to combine both methods, so some users can access all products and others can only access specific products.

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Thanks Rick!

I can live without source code sharing--we will use a versioning platform like GitHub. Thanks.

I am aware of Product features and I have added all of the team members to relevant products.

In the mobile app there are no options for product selection. Without this feature, in field testing is difficult. See attached image.

Most of our devices are installed far away from computers/WiFi networks and setup via smartphone is typically our best option. Please let me know if the Particle app is capable of product selection.

The Particle mobile apps for iOS and Android do not support organizations, and will be deprecated in the future, so you should not rely on them in your production workflow.

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