Can't able to claim my electron

help me resolve this issue

The error message “You need to be a team member of the product to claim this device” means that the Electron was previously part of a product. In order to claim the device to your account, you need to either be a team member for that product, or have the product owner remove the device from the product.

This is designed to prevent stealing a device out of a product and using it for personal use. If you purchased a brand new device, you should contact support to figure out what has happened. They’ll need the full Device ID.

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yeah, your right previously its in a part of another product but now it completely removed from the previous product. what should i do now??

Try claiming again. As long as you’ve removed it from the product and the device is online and breathing cyan, you should be able to claim it (particle device add).

Thank you rickkas, I am claiming my device manually because i just use the 3 rd party sim. just followed the instruction after updating the APN i have done the firmware update. now its in the state of breathing connected in the cloud. but cant claim by cloud as well as manual.

Make sure you’ve also set the keepAlive. With some carriers it can be as short as 30 seconds. If you don’t set it, the device may still breathe cyan but the cloud will not be able to send data to it, including the request to claim.

Still trying rickkas, checkout all the things including my products and my team’s products…visually i can’t see my device in any other product. is there any other way to remove the devices from the other product.

If you’re still getting an error that the device is part of a product, then you should create a support ticket and include the device ID. They can find which product it’s part of.

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