Newbie getting connected - please help :)


Sorry for this - there is always a learning curve (cliff!) with anything new! Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

I recently bought a spark core in order to have web accessible/logging data from sensors on site. We have an unsecured network which my tablet connects to without any trouble.

I was hoping that the core would be able to connect to it too, and by polling at say 4 minute intervals from a website, data could be logged.

However, this is a corporate network, and there may be some complex routing involved. 2 instances of the same WiFi name appears to be on channels 1-3 simultaneously - looking with a WiFi analyser.

I managed to set the wifi name via USB and get its ID. It flashes green but nothing moves beyond that, and the Spark App cannot find it.

Any ideas much appreciated.



does this network require additional authentication after connection (like username/password, accepting terms of service)?

No authentication is required for the unsecured network.
My Acer tablet connects fine to the same unsecured network. Mobile telnet app gets a response from 5683 on that same unsecured network, so there would appear not to be anything in the way (unlike the secured company network!).

The signal strength would appear to be resonable (-69dBm with Wifi analyser on my tablet), but Iā€™m using a 2.4GHz 5dBi Omni WIFI Antenna plugged into the uf.l so would expect to get something?

Cheers - any more thoughts appreciated - I have clearly missed something. :smiley:

Try connecting it to your mobile phone hotspot if you can set it up and see if it works. Otherwise, we might have to do a driver patch :wink:

Aha - progress.

I tried at home using my simple router-switch-switch internet with WPA2 settings programmed using USB.

Upstairs where the signal is ok for PC, & tablets, the unit would not connect.

So I took the setup downstairs right next to the WiFi transmitter and Success - breathing!!

However, I moved the unit 2 metres from the WiFi and lost breathing signal.

The aerial is supposed to be 5db, which I would have thought sufficient, but clearly not.

At work, standing under the WiFi the signal level was -18dbm on Wifi Analyser app, and at about 4 metres away is -45dbm (at which point the connection to the core is lost).

At least I know what the cause is.

Thank you to everyone who looked at this and to @suda and @kennethlimcp for their trouble in replying.

Have a nice day everyone. :smiley:


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