New Particle hardware?


Yes, i am sure it will. I should have said release another ESP32 specific Particle Ethernet FeatherWing.
But its all mute now anyways now that we were told the ESP32 is not the primary controller.


I checked the data sheets provided, but didn’t see anything mentioned for the bands supported. Does the ESP32 support 5Ghz? Also, the class 1 bluetooth is awesome, should make my product line expand into other markets! Thanks Particle!


@zach The product video was well done in my opinion.

LTE, Bluetooth, and Mesh networking is a great addition and was certainly different than we were all expecting.

I only wish this stuff was shipping now :slight_smile:

Thanks, Particle Team for providing the latest and greatest IOT tech and making it easy to use :slight_smile:

OH, and the $39 price for the LTE Cellular module is KILLER :star_struck:


Agree on the cart UX!
I placed a pre-order, then decided I wanted the Feather Shield.
The cart seamlessly let me “add to the pre-order”.


I’m confused. The Argon has a ESP32 with 1MB of Flash AND a Cortex-M4 also with 1MB of flash.

Which chip’s GPIO are brought out to the headers? I write a program, which chip does it run on? And what is the other processor doing?


@rvnash, the Nordic chip is the main MCU for all three boards - the ESP is the WiFi co-processor (only on Argon)


The proposed ESP32-S0WD only support WiFi b/g/n.


Got it, thanks @peekay123. Guess I missed that. Still great products!


I ordred 2 of everything and it was only $106 :money_mouth_face:

Back to work now :slight_smile:


The ESP32 is 2.4Ghz. (wrote the wrong thing at first!)


Thank you @ScruffR

It will be interesting to see how this all comes together in the software library. For example, I assume that the co-processor will take care of a lot of the polling and blocking behaviors that can be difficult to deal with when there is only one processor. Also, I wonder how much the user program can influence the behavior of the ESP32? Particle usually does a good job balancing simplicity with flexibility. Seems like there is a lot of potential complexity here they will have to tame.


What exactly is the “mesh”? BLE mesh, 802.15.4 mesh, etc.


It’s built on Thread, an open standard created and released by the Thread Group. The implementation we’re using is OpenThread, released by Nest.


Thread support, NB-IoT, LTE-M, built in crypto. Excellent choices.


Does someone know any details about the power consumption in deep sleep?


@dbrgn, it’s a little early for that but with the NRF82840 it has the potential to be VERY low.


I need to know if the Particle Boron supports the Asset tracker V2. If so my whole project just got a great big boost and at a cheaper price.


No reason it couldn’t work with the Boron.

I would just want to see how big the LTE network coverage is and if it has 3G fallback if there is no LTE service in your area.


I’m very exciting!! Now I click Argon/Xenon!! I can’t wait. Thanks for Particle Team.


Will we be able to program local communication between xenons and how the gateway uses that data? I’m thinking of the bluz devices - the gateway can make many decisions and limit what it sends to the cloud.

“A bluz DK in normal Automatic mode can consume up to 6MB per month even if no data is sent, this is because keep-alives are sent in the background to the cloud. Local comunication mitigates this issue.”