New Particle hardware?


Awesome new hardware! Congrats guys!




Well, then, take my money. :smile:


@will, if you do decide to come out with a ESP32 specific module in the future, please also release another specific Particle Ethernet FeatherWing for it also. Using the WIZnet W5500 chip for the ESP32 makes no sense because the ESP32 has this built in. Just need the PHY like a LAN8710.
Or just bring out all the ESP32 pins to a header so at least we can do that on our main board.


Well done, Particle!



Small nice touch - haven’t even finished checking out but needed to update my cc. That’s the nicest card entry field I’ve used. Props to whoever did that.


@jvanier would be the guy! :clap:


I just bought two argons and an ethernet wing!

Buy some stuff too!





I’m happy to see the separate Bluetooth chip because of the BLE on the ESP32 from what I had seen before this release we not very low power due to the ESP32 requiring at least 80mA or so to run.

Still making my way through this thread so forgive me if this has already been mentioned :slight_smile:


IIRC, the Nordic chip can even execute code stored in the external flash.

This one should be able to route the Particle cloud traffic through Ethernet.


Uhm… without knowing exactly what is planned for firmware, I think I just sit down and let the dust to settle.
The potential is there, though.


@duffo64, its Particle! What else do you need to know :wink:


It’s not a “separate Bluetooth chip”, but rather the main MCU. The ESP is the “separate WiFi chip” in this regard.


It’s Particle with a BLE integration to do ex-novo :wink:


A little different than I thought then, but still good because it should be super low power.

I’m busy catching up on these forum post, haven’t even looked at the new product pages yet.


Any chance that Particle could invest their own dev resources into getting Particle traffic routed through CE’s ethernet overlay shield?


Be quick before they’re all gone :wink:

I think there is already loads on their slate - especially for their own products (one of which will do exactly that) first I’d guess