New Particle hardware?


For all you Ethernet lovers out here:


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Try removing the dash from the Zip code and let me know if that works.


Where are some technical docs, references, datasheets, pinouts etc? All that is available is three new devices with very little details apart from generic tech info?


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thanks guys.


Woohoo! Glad you got it working! Also, hello from Longmont CO! :wave:


Hello Kevin!
Thanks again for the great support.

I may need to have to tax entanglement undone again… I have a Lyons address but live in unincorporated Larimer County.


Yeah, we’ll get that straightened out closer to ship date, don’t worry!


Oh well, looks like another year before i get what I want. They totally went down the mesh network rabbit hole.
The specs could be written better, or more information could have been given about it. You basically have 2 Bluttooh devices on there. But don’t mention if we can use both or are forced to use the nRF52840 SoC.

Espressif ESP32-S0WD, 1MB flash, what!!! spend the extra $0.10 and put at least the 4MB flash like everyone else has done.

You should have come out with a 5’th module at the same time. removed the nRF52840 SoC, and added a 4MB or 8MG flash part for the people who will never use mesh.

Also, do we need the debugger to flash it, or is it still OTA programmable like the other Particle products?


Seen that the nRF52840 is common, I bet they are focused using this everywhere.


Hyped about the new hardware, but a little sad that the existing product base will not be compatible with the new pinout (i.e. can’t use the ethernet featherwing with the Photon).


I just fixed that bug so hyphens can now be used in the address. Thanks for your order!


It will be OTA programmable like other Particle products


The Nordic device is BLE/Mesh and VERY low power and their stack is very mature.

@seulater, OTA will be supported of course. The JTAG connector is there for developers who have been asking for it.


I don’t mean to complain. I am glad they are coming out with new products that fill a void in the industry.
I just had such high hopes to get off the platform I’m on and get back to Particles.
Nothing I am working on will fit in the 1MB constraint, thus the reason for my moaning because I have to stick with this other platform which I’m not fond of.


Hey y’all!

Fun to see the new hardware! I think moving to the Feather form factor is great; there is a lot to like in that ecosystem.
Cellular + BLE on one device - wonderful. I think. A quick Google didn’t get a question answered.

I’ve got some applications where we scan for data that is directly included in BLE advertising packets. Sensor devices take measurements all the time and just blindly broadcast; a central node picks it up. There may be say twenty or thirty sensors in range. The central node listens as fast as it can, processes some data for a while (think: averaging temperature data), passes some on immediately (think: fire alarm).

Can the Boron handle such a use case?



Hey! We’re still finalizing some of the specs of the boards so that’s why we didn’t release a full datasheet or pinout for them. We’ll have all of that available closer to the shipment date though. In the meantime, you can check out some of the data sheets of the chipsets on the new devices.

Edit- here’s the pdf data sheets too: (edited)


@MikeWhitten, I had bought a Redbear Nano 2 with the smaller (flash/RAM) version of the Nordic and they were controlling 32 devices with one BLE Central. So my educated guess is that the Boron will easily be able to handle your needs.


We created a cheap little $5 adapter board just for this reason! Oops – misread your original comment. The adapter is only Gen 3 --> Gen 2.

Our friends over at NCD have an overlay shield for existing Photon and Electron pinouts: