New Particle hardware?


water break?


NO!!! you need to call off sick.


See you guys on the other side. Off to class.


what class is that?


Particle, look what your doing to this poor lad. Do you really think he’s going to be able to focus in class at this exciting moment ?


I think he will be fine, he even has intentions to be there! ha ha
That’s what matters


I’m gonna ask if they can shift the launch date, I’ve got an exam tomorrow which I should really study for :see_no_evil:


Wheres the thumbs down button at ?


oh crap, that is serious
ok so close this tab and go study! We’ll let you know later in like… oh… 9 minutes…


Its go! go check them out


What’s the consensus among observers as to what exactly is gonna drop in hardware? I’ve had marketing chats with Particle and there’s new goodness coming on the cloud platform I’ve been told, specifically enhanced debugging on a per endpoint basis?

Someone here knows more than they’re saying…


but they made a promise which they are honoring well :crossed_fingers:


I think y’all might want to have a look over here…


Stand by all. We are GO for launch :rocket:




And so it begins!


Let’s go


little bit of everything

and the prices are pretty interesting!

Lovely :heart:


Cart is loaded and I can’t check out!!!
what gives ?


Screenshot? We’ve had people check out already, so let’s see if we can get you fixed! Any error message?