New library discovery tool in the docs!

  • Search box that searches various fields like name, description, author, as well as the README.
  • View library information, including the README file right from the page.
  • View any file in a library, actually, with C++ code highlighting and formatting.
  • Example build test report. Currently all library examples have been compiled on 2.0.1 and 1.5.2 for Boron, Argon, Electron, and Photon; the page shows the success/fail report.
  • Browse through the full alphabetical list.
  • Works great on mobile; swipe or edge tap to flip between library information pages quickly.
  • Libraries are now included in the search box at the top of docs and support as well, so if you type in OneWire you get a result now.
  • The top 800 community libraries are included.


Nice! How do I get to that search without this link?
I started from docs link and could not find it.

One way would be Tutorials → Web IDE → Using Libraries → there you’ll find multiple links that will lead you to the search page.
Or Tutorials → Firmware Libraries → Overview → image
Or in Web IDE → imageimage hit the question mark
Or in the doc’s search feature enter “library search” :wink:

Thanks, @ScruffR . Option 2 is what I was looking for and my eyes didn’t catch it.

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