Library index for Particle Dev

I am having trouble identifying the correct library to use for a device when programming semi-offline with Particle Dev.

An example might be best.

I want to use a 2.2" TFT SPI display driven by an ILI9341. The current process is:
a) Start the online particle build and see if there is library for the ILI9341.
b) If there is, load it for comparison later.
c) Google "github ILI9341 spark"
d) Find the correct(?) link and open the page.
e) Examine the contents of Github to see if the files are reasonably similar.
f) Download the file and hope that it will work with the Photon so I don’t spend a couple of days banging my head against my desk only to realize that it is an Arduino variation.

My point is, we sure could use a listing of libraries with links to Github, commented as to Core / Photon / Electron compatibility, linked to the latest version of the library.

Just sayin’.

  • Edward

Hi @Awake

If you look in the web IDE, the libraries in github are directly linked so you can go right to them–just click on the little cat head icon (github’s icon) that I circled:

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The Elites team have been mentioned this many many times in our interaction with the team and hope to have a resolution asap.

Thanks! (I NEVER saw that link)

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