Library web page for common HARDWARE interfaces like ADAFruit/SPARKFUN/etc

IS there a web page like

those in the documentation section for commonly available breakout boards as ported for particle HW. It could be as simple as links to acceptable github stuff with abstracts…was that the intent of the right pane on the cloud IDE? I guess I would load some examples there, if that is the case. Or am I missing something?

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I assume you don’t mean the shields documentation?

The Particle shield shield lets you use many arduino shields with particle devices.

No not that. I see the libraries tab on the left pane in build, And I do see, and have even read many of the posted contributed ones. Some of them have pretty good explanations of what is going on. I guess I wonder what types of files are allowed in a library? I might post them with an HTML document and some type of pdf sketches, and a fritz. but it might be that some standard format be suggested/used with a simple link to build a web page of conforming abstracts from reviewed libraries et. al to make them “official”?

more like this but with a one liner abstract.

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There isn’t such a list yet. The “best” (:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) we have is the list in Build (Web IDE).

But there is a project Libraries 2.0 which should help that - but it’s taking a bit longer than anticipated :wink:

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I did find this one…but I don’t remember how I got htere…