Best means to browse the Community Library contents?

I’m starting a new project and would like to assess what’s in the community library collection? Is there some better means of scrolling through or filtering through the list that is recommended?

The Particle CLI particle library list command is another option:

particle library list
Community Libraries
InternetButton 0.1.14 [official] 815793 Functions to make the Internet Button easy to use! If you have an original SparkButton, make sure to use `begin(1)`
AssetTracker 0.0.10 [official] 65472 Functions to make the Asset Tracker for Electron easy to use!
PowerShield 0.0.5 [official] 43654 The Power Shield allows a Particle device to be powered from different types of power sources. This library gives firmware access to the fuel gauge IC
RelayShield 0.0.6 [official] 21929 Functions to make the Photon Relay Shield even easier!
MakerKit 1.2.0 [official] 3073 A library with examples for each Particle Maker Kit tutorial.
neopixel 0.0.14 [verified] 1082678 An Implementation of Adafruit's NeoPixel Library for the Spark Core, Particle Photon, P1, Electron and RedBear Duo
blynk 0.5.4 [verified] 222555 Build a smartphone app for your project in minutes!
OneWire 2.0.3 [verified] 209054 Dallas 1-Wire protocol with support for DS18B20, DS1820, DS1822
Ubidots 2.1.14 [verified] 71362 Ubidots library for Particle
google-maps-device-locator 0.0.4 [verified] [mine] 64150 Library for using Google Maps Device Locator Intergration