New Electrons; can't connect to Particle Cloud

The new Electrons I got are all able to connect to the data network, but not to the Particle Cloud. As a result, I cannot set up any of my devices.

  • Simcards are from a 3rd Party provider, but have no PIN. The sims have been consuming data for the connections
  • Firmware version is 0.6.2
  • Particle keys doctor in CLI doesn’t work ('openssl is not recognized as an internal or external command)
  • Particle device add in CLI won’t allow me to claim the device (redirects me to

My electrons are happily breathing cyan. Any thoughts?

If they’re breathing cyan, then what’s not working?

There are countless topics discussing this. OpenSSL is not in the System Path. Adding it to the path should alleviate that issue relatively easily.

I am unable to finish the setup of any of the devices. Although they breathe cyan, when I follow the steps at, the final screen will timeout (’‘Your electron failed to connect to the Particle cloud’’)

Probably I’m missing something here, but I’m not sure what.

When trying Particle keys doctor, I receive the following:

Found DFU device 2b04.d00a
Found DFU device 2b04.d00a
New Key created
I couldn’t find the file: 31001a000247363334383136_ec_new.der
Make sure your device is in DFU mode (blinking yellow), and that your computer is online.
Error - I couldn’t find the file: 31001a000247363334383136_ec_new.der

Where 31001a000247363334383136 is the device id I obtained with particle identify.

The devices still cannot connect.

I just went into the Build IDE, and manually added my device ID. Then a couple of seconds later it also popped up in my Console, and is now recognized as a Particle Electron.

Very strange to me, how the didn’t work. But at least I can use my Electron now

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