New console event display!

Awesome, Particle!
Loving the new event summary and detail!!
I’m bringing a new 81 device facility online, so perfect timing!!!

EDIT: While I lament the removal of the eye candy “Gantt Graph”, I much prefer the practicality of the newer event display.


nice interface indeed, but missing the device names :frowning: It only shows the device ID so it`s now more difficult to identify messages from a particular device when tracking or troubleshooting. It was very useful just to see the device name


Trying to understand your missing reference…
Are you referring to this in the detail?

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You know the name of the device since you’ve drilled into the device detail??


I’m also missing the device name. While monitoring / debugging it’s easier to have displayed “Product_14” than the device ID…
Previously, at a glance I knew that “Product_35” was in good shape and “Product_49” needed something.
Now I had to look up in a table who is 420737333032000344363431…
Really it’s a pain to read.

Also missing the device name. Weird to remove it.

I am still seeing the Device name at the top of the screen? I like the switch on the messages from pretty to raw as all my messages are in JSON compliant format. Overall thumbs-up!

exactly… this is what I meant

I guess you are looking at the view on the individual devices, but gives you the overview for all devices, and hence there is no header telling you the name.

@ScruffR, is now!

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Thanks for the heads-up. But the link still works, so I never noticed :wink:

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Correct - Once you have more than a handful of devices the event log becomes like watching a spinning wheel! All the devices I have are products so I go in through products then devices to a specific device. I see the point being made now - even the filter does not help because you cannot filter by device name only device ID. I guess it is because someone in Particle is thinking products and through that route to the individual device event logs.

Yup, that would be another well received feature: Filter by Name with wildcards, pattern, RegEx.

in the product or individual device view you can only see the events published by the devices. You cannot see the intermediate events sent by Particle or the webhook responses received from the destination server which are helpful in debugging or monitoring

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Those are some amazing suggestions and I will add them to the backlog. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Filtering using RegExp
  • Show the device name in the table
  • Enable filtering by device name

Please let me know if there’s anything else.


I am in total agreement about device names vs. IDs, and brought this up internally today. It turns out there’s a performance impact in the device name retrieval process, which can be significant for large device deployments. That said, the ability to see device names again in Events has already been added to the to-do list; the team has a couple ideas about how to mitigate the performance hit.

But really folks, how hard is it to memorize ten or twenty 24-character Device IDs? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Is it just me or has the sort order changed too? Harder to see which devices are dropping their connections as no longer sorted by most recent handshake?

+1 on the suggestions thus far.

While we are at it. It would be nice to be able to adjust the column widths in the table.

Thanks, Chip

I pushed an update that contains the 2 items above. Device names are now displayed in the table and a new filter was added: devicename (ex. devicename:temp-sensor) (usage details are also available inside the ‘ADVANCED’ menu).


@stefanmoraru Many thanks for these changes, could I ask that the sort buttons are fixed on the device name column neither the up (z-a) or the down (a-z) sorts work properly. My device names are actually serial numbers in the format xxxx999999 and having the ability to sort these in order would save time. The work around is to search for the device name - thankfully that works.

Thanks for the feedback @armor. Currently sorting by different fields is not implemented. By default events are sorted by date.

Your suggestion with enabling sorting by other fields is amazing and was added to the backlog. Currently I have a few other things in progress and can’t tell you exactly when this will get implemented.

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