Finding a device in the console - can we have the search box back?

What happened to the search/ filter box on the console device list? I know there’s one under ‘products’, but prior to being assigned to a product, devices only show in “my devices” as part of a giant list of everything, sorted by the order in which they last talked to particle. In my case that list has 153 devices in it (16 pages!)

Can we please have a search box for the primary device list, and/or the ability to sort by name? This would make finding an unassigned device so much easier (which i’ve just had to do by manually inspecting each page of the list). If someone had 1000 devices this task becomes extremely difficult without some kind or search or list ordering.

Should be pretty simple to do.

An alternative would be a separate list with unassigned devices, but that is probably a lot more work.

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You can submit feature requests like this at:

The cloud repository is the place for things like the console.

For feature requests with an open-source repository (firmware, particle-cli, SDKs, etc.) you can create the issue in the actual repository.


Thanks, I didn’t know about that.
And it seems that a similar feature request is already logged - so I guess i’m not the only one who’d like these things.