Dashboard Should Show Cloud Name

The dashboard was recently changed to show Device ID instead of Cloud Name.

This is a bad decision, because you can get the Device ID by clicking on any published message, but now the Cloud Name is shown nowhere.

Particle, please change it back.

Try logging in and out

Loggin in and out didn’t do anything, but simply switching between the Logs and Devices and back did. So maybe the combination of the two.


So I guess the problem here is that every time one goes into the Dashboard, the device column shows Device ID until you switch to the Device display and back and then the Device column shows Device Name.

Ping @jeiden

When the event is registered and displayed on the dashboard, there is an API call made to api.particle.io/v1/devices to get the device name and display it on the dashboard dynamically. Is this not working for your devices? Any additional info would be greatly appreciated.



My semantics must not be clear. I usually look at the Logs screen of the Dashboard.

Since the Logs screen has been up, the Device column has shown Device Name, the human-readable name.

In the last 10 days or so, that column has started off showing Device ID, the 24 character serial number.

Switching from the Logs to Devices to Logs changes the Device column back to Device Name.

This is a minor bug, but should be fixed.


Here’s some screenshot showing the problem. To reproduce:

  • login to the Dashboard, make a Photon go online.
  • It should show the system online log with the long device id.
  • hit the devices tab and switch back
  • the device name now appears

Thanks for the bug report guys! A fix has been made and will be deployed at the end of this sprint (next Wednesday)

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