Neither Argon nor Xenons Taking Firmware from WebIDE

Neither my Argon nor either meshed Xenon is taking firmware sent via the WebIDE. Any recommendations? I have included more information below:

After some previous frustration about being unable to get anything to stay Meshed to my one Argon…, I started from scratch yesterday and got the Argon going as a gateway and 2 Xenons Meshed using it (3rd and 4th failed to Mesh… but maybe a different day). All three are doing the happy teal “Connected to Cloud” breathing.

But none of them will take firmware from the WebIDE. It says Flashing, but none of the three ever blink that they are getting firmware and none of them ever do anything further. The flash just times out. Tried resetting and they rejoin the cloud (supposedly) quickly (the Xenon’s even blink green while the Argon reconnects, then connect themselves).

According to the WebIDE the Argon is at rc.26 (even though it was updated as part of setup yesterday). One Xenon is at rc.27, the other at rc.26.

Last, the WebIDE does show all three as connected but the “SIGNAL” button for each device does not seem to do anything. It does not trigger the LEDs like it does on my Photon devices, which DO seem to be working fine as normal.

Before testing any further I’d definetly recommend you update all of your devices to rc.27 - best via CLI.

Also, what application is running on your devices?
Have you tried putting the devices in Safe Mode before trying to flash?
This shouldn’t be required, but trying it would reveal if the behaviour is caused by the running application.

Argon should be running an application I loaded the first go around, it should be providing a simple webpage with status, controlling an LED, etc… Pretty standard stuff from my Photons. Not working, if that is indeed what it is running. I tried flashing Tinker back to it also just to make sure it was really simple.

Tried to install the “blinky” CLI example to the Argon. Timed out.

Could not get the Argon into Safe mode yet… Multiple attempts. It DID reset the network settings but now I cannot get it to complete setup in the app. It also gets “Setup has encountered an error and cannot continue. Please exit setup and try again.” when it is “Sending network credentials to your Argon” after entering the Mesh password I want it to use. This has failed 3 times in a row. Overall, getting frustrated with my Argon and Xenons. Wondering if they were really that good versus just using more Photons… because so far they are useless to me.

You can provide the WiFi credentials to the Argon via CLI in Listening Mode by running particle serial wifi.
You can also flash application code to the devices via particle flash --usb <yourBinary.bin> (in DFU Mode) or particle flash --serial <yourBinary.bin> (in Listening Mode).

You can also not reuse the same Mesh name as long that network exists in your console.