Need options for standoffs to mount a featherwing

Got some ethernet featherwings for our argon project and want to mount using nylon standoffs. I could have sworn we had used 0.125" standoffs before and got some of those as well. I know the drill template says the holes are 0.126" but the standoffs we got don’t fit. Using a caliper the holes measure 2.5 mm so I was wondering what would be some recommendations for adhesive standoffs (or anything really) that other people use?


M2 (metric, 2mm) standoff studs or screws fit a little loosely but even with a round metal standoff there is no danger of slipping over the standoff and it works fine in most cases.

M2.5 standoff studs or screws fit perfectly, but you have a little less room for error. If you are using a hex nylon standoff, however, check to make sure it doesn’t hit the bottom side where the PTH socket is soldered. It should normally be OK, but close.

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I did just happen to find these that look like they’ll work fine:

Posting in case others will find it useful

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