Boron Mounting Screw?

Hello All,

Might be a silly question but does any one knows what screw size should I be using if I want to mount the Particle Boron on a surface using the 4 holes on the corners of the board, or sandwich the board with another board like the Adafruit Featherwing series boards. See screenshot below. And where I get these screws. I am not able to find these screws in my local hardware store as they are rather small. Are these specialized screws? Thanks.


Hi there,

The mounting holes for the Feather spec are for M2.5 machine screws. You’re not likely to find them in a physical store as they’re less common. I’d recommend a site like McMasterCarr. You could also pick up 2-56 screws if you prefer imperial, but there will be some play as they are smaller.

I use M2 x 10mm metal standoffs. If you can get an 11mm long one, that would be even better. This is on an Adafruit doubler. The standoff is a M2 male-to-female standoff, 10mm long with 3mm stud, which is a little short but works. There’s a M2 x 5mm screw on the device side, and an M2 nut on the bottom.


Thanks for all you inputs there DJ_Volt and rickkas7.

I have been looking at McMasterCarr but not able to find the M2x10mm metal standoff. The smallest is at M2.5.

rickkas7 where did you get your M2 screws and M2x10 metal standoffs?

I’ve never tried to order M2 standoffs in bulk, I just grabbed the ones in the picture out of an assorted parts kit.

However metal M2.5 standoffs will probably fit. The nylon ones often are too large in diameter.

You can also get these standoffs in nylon with nylon nuts - I often use these and there is no change of shorting traces etc