Standoffs or mounting ideas?

I am a noob and have the Air Quality Kit. No problems with getting the Argon to work. But the board and wires are a mess (which is ok while I am working with it on my desktop.) I’d like to mount the parts on to a board/box so it can be placed in a room - without the wires/sensors hanging off as it does in the picture.

Any ideas to mount the Argon+Antenna+Sensors+Wires+Battery ?? A google image search for “arduino+standoffs” gave me some ideas (eg buy a kit of standoffs). But, hoping there might be specific ideas here.


Welcome. Post a photo of what you have…

Picture added. Thanks

A bit of double sided foam tape could work as well, if it’s to be mounted out of sight anyhow.

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@Moors7 - I agree - if this is a once off - then tape is great - for more permanence, I typically use a plastic enclosure that has holes for a mounting plate internally - something like this

Then I make a internal base plate to fit onto the internal mount points


Then use self adhesive pcb mounts

to mount the various boards as you want. You can also drill two holes in the base plate (I use perspex/polycarbonate sheet usually as its easy to work with) to pass a nylon cable tie through to hold the battery in place.

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